Capricorn: Pardon me?

I run down the street, only thinking about my family and friends that could be in danger. The street ahead goes blurry as tears build up; I have to stop to rub them angerly away. I shake my head, and start off down the road. Luckily for me there's only one bar near by.

I run and turn with my back on the wall next to the door, like Simon Pegg in Hot Fuss before they went in to that supermarket. I take a few deep breaths looking at my watch, Five minutes, guess I'm early then, I think to myself.

I turn and push open the door, I put one foot in, and my left arm around  the door frame peering my head in. A gruff arm grabs my sholders and yanks me inside; I get flung into a chair and someone binds my hands behind the chair. Lights turn on and I see my family unconcious on the floor, Marie and Simon tied up, back-to-back on chairs, a thick rope tied around their bodies - tightly it seems as their skin bulges out around the rope and both are naturally skinny, so it's not because they're fat - they have dirty flannels tied around their eyes. Both shake trying to free themselves, mumbling corsely as if they've been shouting all day.

"Oh my gosh," I mutter to myself tears forming again - I'm a very emotional sixteen year old.

"Hello Callie," a familiar voice said. I turn to see a oldish, fit (not in the attractive sense of the world) man walks towards me. This is Marcus? HA! "I suppose you are wondering who I am. I am Marcus, leader of the anti-zodiacs. I know it doesn't sound very imagnitive, but that's because we are part of a secret society, all the governments fund for us to work. You've heard of sector 67 no? Well that is just one branch of our hexagon."

"So what, are you based in America?" I ask, anger building up.

"No, we have no immediate base. Like I said, all of the governments fund us. And guess what, you're going to be the first zodiac to die." He smiles happily.

"Well you still owe me one thing," I say, eyes narrowing.

"Aren't your loved ones good enough?" He says, a chuckle in his voice.

I laugh drily. "No," I lick my teeth in annoyance and in the corner to stop me from saying something I'd regret. "You still haven't told me about why I'm a capricorn when I should be an Aquarius - you know if the zodiacs are right like you say."

He laughs, he actually laughs at me. "So you haven't figured it out yet? Have you not wondered why you don't look anything like your 'parents'? Well I've got news for you love, they aren't your parents!"

My eyes go wide. "Pardon..." I can barely say.

"You were taken from your parents at birth and given to these people. We gave you to them and changed your birthday to February in a hope that you wouldn't know about your true self. We tried to do to the others but they managed to escape and run."

He pulls a chair spinning it so the back is facing me and sits me on the chair facing me. "But you, we managed to get to as your parents were only seventeen and your real mother was suffereing from depression. So we took you from her giving them over one million pounds, yes they are English."

"So you're telling me that my birth mother gave me up for money?" I ask, not believing my ears.

"Well yes, and a little pursausive talk from us..."

"You mean you threatened her?"

"Yes, your father didn't have a choice - he was unconcious in the garden."

They must be lieing, they have to be! Tears start rolling down my pale cheeks. "So, when is my birthday?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Call me curious." I say, voice full of attitude.

"Ok Curious," he says obviously meaning a joke, "You're actual birthday is on January the 1st. New Year's day." Of course, how could I not know that?

The next thing I knew, something heavy is wacked around my head.

Then, nothing.

The End

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