Virgo: Vashti

After I got picked up by those Clique Girls, they took me to the field behind the school. There were a bunch of other kids. They were all handsome/beautiful, but I still felt a couple sidelong looks.

They tried to convince me I was a Zodiac, whatever that is. I figured out a long time ago that the best wy to get someone off your back, is to agree with them. I just said, "Yes, I guess I am." and they dropped it.

After they had their populars meeting, which I was unfortunetly part of, they broke apart. I was allowed to leave, and I slipped away with out notice. As I am hurrying down the streets, I think.

They don't know where I live.
They don't know my last name.
They don't know my gifts.
I never actually became part of their cult.
I was free to go home alone.

As I walk, I realize that this could have gone better, but this was far from the worse thing that could have happened today.

I walk up to my house, and unlock the door. Everybody on the street has seen me coming and going, so they know I either live here, or I have a job here. No one sees an adult, mainly because there is no adult. All  there is, is a seventeen year old girl with some trust issues. Those aren't my only problems, but they are the ones that hold me back the most.

My mother died when I was ten. No one knows why. Exceot for me, and my dad. I don't usually think of my family, because it is so jacked up. I know for a fact that my mom died of an over dose, and that my father didn't care.

He was actually happy. Now he could continue taking advantage of his duaghter with out the risk of being found. I didn't go to school for two years. Barely left the house for two years. Until I called the line. The help line, for teens and kids. I told them my name and address, and what my father had done. They came, and took him to jail.

They said they would keep him until I was eighteen, and could take care of my self. I have moved many times since then, hopiing he will never find me, even when he is let out. As if that isn't enough truama for a kid. Then my grandmothers house caught fire. With me in it. She was gone, bingo or something.

I was sitting in my window seat, when I heard the fire truck. I was just thinking how it was hot in here, and then the floor collapsed. From under me. When they found me, They thought I was dead. And I was. For twenty seven minutes, I, Ester Kline, Later changed to Vashti, was dead. No one can tell me I wasn't.

The End

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