Libra: Spray Tan

He wouldn't touch my hand.
"Fine!" I gave up. "We're not going to school tomorrow. Your coming with me." I said sternly.

"Why?" He said slowly.

"Because I need to get my mind of things and you seriously need a spray tan!" I joked. We both laughed trying not to wake Ike up. After five minuets of silence I sighed.

"What's up Lilly?"

"I've been thinking... well you know your so translucent, how long have you been in the dark? "He shrugged  "Because I think your so de-humanised. No that's not what I meant.... How can I put this." I backtracked "You've spent so long using your powers constantly, maybe your stuck. Like you need to become human again. Maybe then you can't hurt people." I smiled at my theory. "Do you get what I'm saying?" He nodded. "Wow your talkative! I wish you would just shut up." I smiled to myself in the dark.

There's me being sarcastic again. I'm trying not to think of everything that's happened today, I've got to keep myself awake. I don't want to dream about it too. 

The End

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