Aquarius: Darkness

I step into the deep blue room Arch has made for me. So far they haven’t asked me about what happened to Gemme and Luca. Hopefully they never will. I make my way beside the bed and take a seat, surprised at how soft it is.

"That girl never ceases to surprise me." I adjust my self so I'm lying on the bed and look up at the ceiling. I take out a piece of paper from my pocket and unfold it, revealing the drawing of me Gemme had drawn. Gemme.

I close my eyes and shake my head. What the hell is wrong with me? I open my eyes and take a look at the picture again, letting out a humorless laugh. The boy in the picture looks brave, fearless and controlled. Bloody hell that's nothing like me.

"Is that what she saw in me?" I say aloud. I grab a pencil that has conveniently appeared beside me. I flip the paper over and begin to sketch, an old talent of mine I had not used for sometime, nor told anyone about.

I take my pencil off the page and stare at the piece of paper now. On it is the same boy, only his face is twisted, a sadistic and bloodthirsty smile present. There are numerous ice spikes jutting out of his body and the water around him takes form of a pair of wings and serpents. The wings are claw-like and jagged akin to the wings of a demon. The serpents have their ice fangs bared at an unseen foe.

“This is what I truly am. This is what I’ve tried so hard to hide from everyone.”

I stare at it for a moment, wondering what would happen if I fought the sarcastic telekinetic boy in this state.

“Luca was his name I think.”

I feel my face involuntarily smile, a smile much like the boy in my drawing. I feel some other force create a large ice spike in my hands. I sit up quickly and chuck the ice spike at the wall. It lands with a thud before exploding in a violent explosion of water. I let out a small laugh as I imagine the wall being Luca.

Everything you care for is gone boy. The only thing left is vengeance.


The End

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