Taurus: Stay over

"Uh, I don't want to go home" I moan seeing the sky getting dark.

"You can stay with me and Aaron for the night" Arch says. I look at her my heart racing... Stop it! I shout at myself.

"That would be great" I say smiling and she smiles back. We walk to the apartment staying close. We had come no close to a new plan and Gemme and Luca really weren't interested in this even though they could die.

"Here we are" Arch says sticking the key in the lock and opening the door of the top floor. Four doors lead off the hallway.

"You'll have to sleep in the living area" Arch says opening the door of the first room.

"When did you fix the door?" Aaron asks which gets me all worried.

"When we left, wasn't much work" Arch says dismissing it. The room we had gone in to was a sort of living/dining/kitchen area.

"I'll create a sofa bed" she says clicking her fingers. The room becomes full furnished, with a sofa bed, a tv with dvd player and dvd's, table in the kitchen part and the kitchen is full of essencials.

"I'm going to do the rest of the house, what colour you like Aaron?" Arch says walking out.

"Dark blue" he calls after her. Gosh, that girl is amazing.

The End

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