Capricorn: Hello? ... Who is this?

So, one plan in, one plan out. I can't actually believe I'm still alive; these people are really nice. Thank goodness! What do those creepy men want? It's all so confusing! I feel myself pout in fustration. That Adrian sure was creepy, was he actually eating those poor people? And if I was born February how the heck am I a Capricorn? Sure I act like a goat - in the balance and love for mountains and walking but... AGGH!

My phone rings, making me jump three foot in the air. Everybody's eyes on my pocket. Arch seems to find me jump hallerious and chuckles.

I sigh, "Excuse me please." I say standing picking my mobile out of my pocket and clicking 'answer.' "Hello?"

"Hello, Callie." I freeze, what the.... "I bet you're wondering who this is, I am Marcus, leader of the Anti-Zodiac foundation - imagnitive name hey?" I feel my eyes turn into goggles, I lean back to the window in the door trying to capture their attention.

"I wouldn't do that Callie, not if you want your family and friends to live." I gasp. "Oh and if you want to know the real reason why you're a Capricorn" My heart rate increases and breathing rate increases ten fold.

"So, are you going to do want we want or not?" He asks calmly.

"What do you want?" HELP ME! I try to signal inside.

He chuckles. "For you to come down to the nearest bar to you."

"And where would that be?" Come on guys! HEAR ME!

"You have ten minutes to figure that out, I surgest you make a move; your family will be dead otherwise!"


"Good girl. Now move!" I nodd my head to myself, only slightly so it isn't manical. I inhale deeply, turn to the stairs glancing behind me. Please help... I-I'm sorry. With that I run down the stair and out into the brisk February wind. What a superb day this has been...

The End

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