Cancer: Trying to calm down

Okay, so Gemme's history is worse than mine. Way worse. I mean stuff happens in drug dens that would give a normal person nightmares, usually, but when you grew up with that, it makes you laugh rather than cringe.

"I'm sorry," I sympathised.

"No. It's fine. But, that's why I don't like fighting near my brother. I can't control it." I nod, understanding her pacifism.

"I get it now. Well, I'm sure I pick enough fights for the both of us," I laugh a little.

"Yeah." She smiles. "Thank you."

"Thank me for what?" I ask, pulling out my cigarettes. "Mind?" She shakes her head, and I light up, sitting in the chair that has the ashtray by it still. She sits, too and I smile.

"I dunno really. I just felt like thanking you, for helping me with Aaron I suppose, for not completely blanking me...well apart from today anyway." I grimace a little, taking a long drag on the smoke.

"Sorry about that," I say, the smoke bouncing out of my mouth and clinging to my damp hair as I talk.

"It's fine, you were busy... fighting." She laughs slightly. "I suppose that tattoo really was a wise choice." I frown.

"I was walking past here with Rayn, wasn't I?" I ask and then decide it doesn't really matter.

"Yeah. You were." She nodded.

"Oh!" I suddenly remember what fight she means. I've had too many today. "I remember, I was arguing about guitars with him and he got pissed off about it."

"Oh! Well. You are welcome to stay here for however long you want to." That gets me again. She still doesn't really know me, yet she's offering to let me stay.

"Thanks," I smile. "So what was with Aaron earlier? What did he do to upset you so much?" I query, all curious, though I try not to show it.

"He soaked my notebook, he seemed really upset. I think he loves me." Well you couldn't get much more random, I guess. Don't try to prove me wrong on that one, though. I'm just exaggerating.

"Loves you?" I arch an eyebrow, taking a last toke from the cigarette before screwing it into the ashtray, little sparks burning by fingers as I push it down a little too hard. I heal the pain away, hardly noticing that I'm doing it as I watch Gemme.

"Yeah, his thoughts. He has a bloody funny way of showing it!" She almost growls. I nod, agreeing.

"He's more of an ass hole than I am." I note.

She thinks for a moment. "Yeah you may be right but... I don't think you an... ass hole as you put it." A faint blush appears on her cheeks as she said it. I grin.

"No, I'm worse than that, I just don't wanna offend you by saying what word I think suits me best,"

"Don't even think about yourself like that, Luca!" she cries. It takes me by surprise, and I guess she must have seen the word in my mind, or something.

"I'm not gonna lie about it; I'm not a nice person." I shrug, hiding the surprise.

"You are! Well, you are to me anyway..." She shakes her head lightly, her hair falling over her face a little. I let out a short laugh.

"I'm not even nice to my best friend," I say simply, "it's just kinda stupid to be rude to a person offering to put a roof over your head."

"Oh so if the offer wasn't there you'd be nasty to me?" She wonders aloud, an eyebrow slightly raised.

"I dunno," I tell her. I've managed to confuse myself. Would I? I doubt it, but I certainly wouldn't have had much of a reason to come back.

"Oh..." she trailed.  "I'm sorry about today. I didn't mean to hurt you." I look at her. When did she hurt me? I honestly can't remember, and my brain appears to have abandoned me.

"Hurt me?" I ask stupidly, knowing I'll probably kick myself when she reminds me.

"Your head." She prompts, "although you still managed to attack him. You must have been really fuelled up to attack him even through that." Oh yeah. I remember that now. It was less than an hour ago and I already forgot. I laugh, mostly at myself.

"Don't worry about it. But yeah, I had literally just come back from the den, and it gave me a huge adrenaline push." I grimace at the memory of battering the thug with his own knuckle duster and the blood as it hit my clothes. Ugh.

"You really don't have to attack everyone that upsets me though." She admonishes.

"Mmm. Sorry." I smile, still buzzing a bit from beating Aaron up. "I'll try to refrain myself next time."

The End

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