Gemme: Power Two.

I let the visions fall as Saggitarius ran away. I almost didn't believe how easy it was to decieve them, including my brother. Visions, I always loved playing with visions. I tried to make them as realistic as possible, even though one, I didn't have a phone and two my brother should have known we would have never gone.

Visions were just apparitions, ghosts that I had programmed their minds to see. So only the zodiacs could see them. So when the zodiacs interacted with them, they moved like I programmed them to; of course there were some flaws. Normally I read people's minds to see their fears then make them think it is actually happening. Clever hmm?

Anyway, back to the story... the visions had died and I snapped back to look at Luca in the middle of the road. It was hard to do two things at once but I managed perfectly well.

I looked at Luca and wordlessly shook my head. I had to take a moment, what just happened. Were they fighting for me? Then something clicked and I realised that Aaron took a page with him. I sighed. “No, it’s okay.” I wiped the tears from my face, furious with myself for letting myself breakdown like that.  He looks down at himself and realises he's a mess "Hmm."

"You can clean up if you want." I sighed, walking back into my house. Do they really think this is the way to make me join their stupid gang?

"Sorry," he muttered again. He followed me in and shut the door behind him "I didn't mean to lose it like that, I’m just really worked up."

"I bet. I saw you fighting earlier; I also know that there were men that killed Si."

"Yeah, I... uh... sorted them out. They were waiting in the apartment for me. No one followed me here, though."

"Good." I mumbled more interested in the now drenched notebook that he threw to the ground. I picked it up, the water dripping all over the floor. "Damn it." I tried to flick through the pages, the ink was smudged and the pictures drawn there had holes in them where the water had weakened it.

I saw Luca look at it, but he didn’t ask anything. “Umm... where’s the bathroom?”

I motioned upstairs. “Up there, the door straight across from the stairs.” He nodded and thanked me, before going upstairs I presumed to clean up. I walked into the kitchen and threw the book in the bin. “What a waste of memories.” I mumbled, forcing myself not to cry again. He loved me, I know he did. But what made him act like this? I’m sure there must have been a reason. I think I just made it worse though; what was wrong with him? Does he really think I would join their star squad now, really?

I sighed, taking another marshmallow bag out of the cupboard, I collapsed into the armchair. I munched on them quietly before I heard Luca come back down the stairs. I noticed that he had gotten a shower, his hair slightly damp, the blood from his fights gone.  “Feel better?” I asked as he walked through into the living room; I also threw another marshmallow into my mouth.

“Yeah thanks.” He smiled, running a hand through his hair. He smiled, wow. It still didn’t stop my voice from being absent. “Did they try to get you to fight too?”

“Briefly, I told them where they could go.”

I could help but laugh slightly, “why won’t you go?”

"I was fine on my own without them before. I'll be fine without them after this, too. I see no reason why I should hook up with a bunch of people I don't know just because they want me to." He paused, as if he had finished speaking but I knew he had more to say, "And if Aaron is one of them? Even more of a reason to keep away,” he added.

“Yes. Good points, but what you gonna do now?” I wondered.

 “I’ll survive.”

“Just how will you survive?”

"Well, the same way I've survived since I was eleven, I guess; day by day."

"That how you got into illegal activity?"

"I lived on the streets for a couple of years and then one of the other homeless guys I hung around with got that apartment and told me I could stay, as long as I earned my keep."

"Ah. Right, I suppose I am no better."

"Well you didn't turn to drug dealing, and you don't have a reputation like mine, so it can't be that bad...?”

I laughed. “Nah, my father got shot by those men and in my anger I ended up accidently killing my mum, thus gaining this place through their will.” I sighed. “That was why Ike just left instead of pushing the matter further. When Gemini is together, I am strongest; through my emotions come power, through my anger I crushed her mind completely. When we are alone Ike is strongest, I can barely even read thoughts.”

The End

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