Saggitarius: Big Plan Out

Both Luca and Gemme come but they stick to themselves standing at the tree line...... Aaron looks heartbroken..... Poor guy.

I can't believe Aries did it and I'm sure it won't last for long but at least they're here now. "Right" I shout getting everyone's attention. "Lets get started"

"First what do we know about these guys?" Leo says shrugging.

"That they want the Zodiac's" Ike says.

"That they want us dead" Aries says shivering.

"Hmmm, but why?" Cassie mutters.

"If we stick in a group won't we stick out like a sore thumb" Vashti says joining in.

"No, more people. More defence...... but we do stick out a bit" I say finally.

"Of course you stick out, you hardly bother to hide you powers" Luca shouts. "If you didn't use them so freely you might have stayed undetected longer"

"That is a good point... Only the few of us that are new have only just been detected" Peaches says.

"And I was attack first cause I was so careless" I whisper. "But that's not much use now" I shout trying to lighten the mood. "We need a proper plan"

"Run and hide I'd say" Luca says pulling out a cigarette. I wave my hand turning it to dust and he glares at me.

"Running ain't no use with these people" I say through my teeth, I approach him slowly each word like a needle. "While you were living you stupid drug dealing life, I was running half away around the world"

He stares at me with something like disbelief and mild respect. "Tough for a small girl" he says smiling.

That's it. I grab his shirt and haul him over my shoulder hitting the ground that was behind me hard.

He grunts as he gets to his feet and I hear Gemme shouting but don't bother to listen. I turn and kick and hitting him directly in the chest.

The breath gushes out of Luca and he grips his stomach. I force my self to stop and lean down to his ear "Don't mess with me" I hiss at him.

Then I turn on my heels and take off at a run. I know no one will follow me....... Ike will tell them that I need to calm down.

Beside my adrenaline at the moment is burning my veins so much, I don't think I would be able to tell friend from foe.

The End

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