Aries : Gemme and Luca

I sit under the shade of a tree in the forest, playing around with some mist I made. Gemme and Luca are not here, anti-fighting society? I take out my phone, now with extra scratches and scars. My chest still hurts every now and then, but it is much better. Arch said that Luca healed me, not that I knew of course. Must thank him somehow. I walk over to Ike.

"Hi," I say,  he turns to me. "Do you have Luca's mobile number?"

"Yeah...." he replies, "Why d'you need it?"

"I think I can get them both to come. They are so obviously in love." Ike's eyes narrow.

"What are you thinking?" He asks, uncertain. "I can't even get my twin to budge."

"Well, niether can I. No more questions. Number please?" I enter Luca's phone number in as Ike reads it out to me from his phone. I press the call button.

"Hello?" A voice says to me, "Who is this?"

"Hi," I reply, "This is Aries. Thanks for saving my life."

"Oh right. It's nothing. I'm just heading home to get some stuff and then I'll be going back to Gemme's."

"Um, just wanted you to know that Gemme is coming over to the forest. So I was wondering if you knew, and whether you would come as well."

"Gemme is going? She didn't sound like she was going. Are you sure?"

"Absolutely," I lie. "I'll see you here in around ten minutes okay?"

"What? I didn't say I am going."

"Hellooo? Gemme's coming. Get over here."

"Fine. Whatever." Luca ends the phone call.

"YES!" I scream.

"Aries, what did you do?" Ike asks suspiciously.

"Listen and learn." I say, Arch and Thorn comes over too, eyes full of question. I dial Gemme's house number on my phone and call her.

"Hello?" she picks up.

"Hi Gemme, it's Aries. Listen, aren't you going to come over? Luca is nearly here."

"Luca? He said he wasn't going! He's coming back later."

"Yes, he said he wasn't coming, but now he is. Confusing, huh?"

"I... I don't know about this."

"Come on. You don't need to do anything. Just come and be with Luca." Arch rolls her eyes at me. I grin at her.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt, would it? I'll see you in a bit."

"All right then, bye-bye!" I put my phone away.

"And that, my dear listeners." I say to Arch, Thorn and Ike, "Is the ultimate art of persuasion." I bow deeply at them.

"That's hardly persuasion." Thorn complains.

"Yes, but this is the Aries way of persuasion. You can't blame my star sign. I'm sure you have you own way."

The End

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