Scorpio: reflection

I can see the look of disgust on their faces as they stare at me, all of them, they see I am tall, 6"5 with black hair that covers an eye, revealing one steel grey eye. They see my skin is almost translucent, a strange yellow/white, they see under the sunlight it glows a faint blue, my long canines prominent.

I am disgusted in myself, and as usual, most of the attention is drawn towards me.

They have all told me their names, their powers, they think it makes me feel part of something, but I don't, I feel more isolated than ever.

My younger self is beside me, ready to act, but my face is cool and emotionless, my mind blank, giving nothing away.

And yet the girl, Lilly, there is something about her, it makes me feel calm, makes the child faint and distant which in turn makes him angry.

What is wrong with me? here I am standing before people ready to accept me and I push them away. I need to act more like my old self, passionate, courageous, magnetic. Fragments of my old life.

The End

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