Cancer: FIGHT!

I recognise the guy in Gemme's doorway. He's shorter than me - most people are, I'm about 6' 2" - but only by a couple of inches. It's enough to mean I get to look down at him just a little. I grin and pull him out of the doorway, shoving him onto the pavement outside.

"That was a bad idea, Aaron. You don't upset a friend of mine," I tell him, closing the distance between us again, dropping my bag at Gemme's doorway as I move. I don't glance at Gemme as I make my way towards Aaron, but I know she's frozen to the spot. She doesn't say anything as I grab his shirt, pulling him up straight.

His hand flies to his pocket, grabbing something that I hadn't noticed there. A gun. Oh for God's sake. I roll my eyes.

"Oh, I've really had enough of people with guns, today," I growl, grabbing his wrist tightly so he can't point the thing at me.

"Stop this! Please..." Gemme pleads. I glance around and notice the tears forming in her eyes, slowly spilling over her cheeks. Aaron laughs.

"Very smart. Tell me though-" Water spirals up his arms and forms into a blade. "How do you plan on handling this?" he looks over at Gemme for a moment, too before looking back at me.

"Oh, you'll see," I increase the pressure on his wrist, watching his face for a wince. The watery blade is in his free hand, though, so I drop his shirt and his arm, stepping back. I grin and rip the gun out of his hand with my telekinesis. I do love my telekinesis. The gun is in my hand now, pointing at him.

Aaron steps back a bit. The water becomes a shield of ice around him and Gemme.

"What the hell..." he mutters.

"You don't need to shield Gemme, Aaron," I tell him, closing the gap between us once more.

"Stop it!" She screams. Closing her eyes she uses her power on me. I hear a high pitched note that hurts my brain and somewhere I hear her talking again. "Now. Stop it!" against my will, I drop the gun and when I can open my eyes again, I see that Aaron's shield and sword have turned to water again.

Aaron clutches his head and turns slowly to Gemme. "See what...I mean?" I don't need telling that this is an opening. I launch myself forward, ignoring the pain in my head, and I crash to the ground on top of Aaron. He shouts at me, but I slam my fist into his face, ignoring Gemme's words in the background:

"Shut up. Just shut up, I know you love me... but... but... I wish I never met you!" She sobs, letting her powers fall. The ringing in my head stops and I attack harder, not stopping to unfasten my knife now; I'm too worked up. I don't think about her words, either. She might have been talking to Aaron though. Aaron suddenly snaps out of his shocked trance and both his hands become blades.

"Luca..." she mumbles, somewhere behind me.  "Luca. Please, let him go." She turned her attention to Aaron. "Go away." I'm too busy to pay much attention to that either, grabbing the gun from where it fell earlier.

Aaron manages to get up, though, and he raises an eyebrow at Gemme, and then looks back at me.

"Fine," he snapped, raising a blade-hand thing at me threateningly, "this isn't over." Panting, I glare at him, the gun held loose in my hand.

"You have no idea how cliché you are." I say, shoving the gun in my pocket.

"Just be grateful you can't die unless we all die." He snarls.

"Ooh. I'm scared," I say, pretending to yawn.

"GO!" She growled. "Before I make you regret everything." Aaron shakes his head.

"Good luck," he mutters, leaving. I'm still full of adrenaline and I really want to go and finish the fight, but he's gone before I can make up my mind if I should stay with Gemme. I look at Gemme and pick up my bag with telekinesis, pulling it towards me.

"I'm really sorry about that," I say, shouldering my bag, still in the middle of the road.

The End

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