Aquarius: Goodbye

I wonder what kind of person this Scorpio will be?

I signal to Cassie to slow down a bit as we head around a corner. I peek out from the side and see a boy about our age standing over three bodies. He seems to be breathing hard and has some sort of liquid dripping from his mouth.

"Oh my God..."

Cassie shakes her head as I slowly approach this...thing. He suddenly turns to me and snarls. "No we'll wait before we kill him.” he says. Was it to himself? Or is there someone else here.

"Hey now let's not get too hasty," I look around, making sure there's no one else here before turning back to the Scorpion boy. "Adrian...we're here to help. You know one of my friends, Ike. That ringing any bells?" I feel my body relax a bit as his face suddenly turns into a calmed one, not intent on killing us."

"The Gemini?" I nod, feeling a sort of needle hit my heart. Gemme. I hold out my hand, the gloves still on me.

"Come on, you'll be safer with us."


"I'll go get Gemme."

The group turns to me, expressions of certainty, uncertainty and Leo's catlike grin. Arch nods and Ike points in the direction. "Good luck Aaron."

I nod time him and wave farewell to the rest of my group. I exit the forest and make my way in the directionIke pointed out to me. "Hopefully I can talk some sense into Gemme..."


I knock at the door of a house which I hope is Gemme's. I quickly apologize to the old man living there as he points me to the house right across from his.

"Gemme?" I yell. I knock on the door a few times before yelling her name again.

"What?" I hear her yell back.

"It's mind if I come in?" I hear sounds of a lock being opened before the door itself opens up, revealing a less-than-happy looking Gemme.

"If you have to." She beckons me inside and I flash her a polite smile. She doesn't smile back but i enter anyway. I close the door and stare at Gemme, she catches me staring and looks to the side.

"Gemme, we still need you for this, Everyone's waiting for you."

"They don't need me, they can fight for themselves."

I shake my head. "Maybe you're right... but what about you? Your powers aren't going to be as strong without your brother."

"I don't want them to be," Gemme says closing her eyes and rubbing her elbows. "Without the other's I'll be human and they won't hunt me. My powers are horrible. They, you, don't need me."

"Gemme..." I say, trying to wrap one arm around her, like I did before. But she shrugs it off.

"What are you doing?" she asks.

I take my arm back and put my hands in my pocket. "Gemme, we're not monsters. We're humans gifted with something beyond our imagining. This power...alot of people want it. They'll keep searching for you, for all of us. And your power isn't horrible."

I lift up my arm and she steps back a bit as it forms into a wicked curved blade adorned with spikes. "All our powers can be horrible if used in the wrong hands. Sometimes, our powers can be the reason our love ones end up dead."

I recall images from my past, of a time when my family was alive. The i see their deaths, bullets riddling my father's chest and my mother lying on top of him, a single bullet hole through her head.

"Don't you dare," She growls. "You don't know anything."

"You're right, I don't know what it's like to kill my family with my own 'gift.' "But I know that they are the reason my mom and dad are dead."

"Was that the reason you came here, to recruit me for your squad?" She glares at me, her eyes beginning to water a bit.

My heart feels like it's been stabbed through with a knife. No Gemme! I came here for you! I came here because you're the only girl that's ever caught my attention, the only girl I trust enough to drench myself and act like a reckless fool for! The only girl I'd be willing to die and kill for over and over again! Those are the words I want to say to her.

What comes out of my mouth is something else. "You were the only girl I loved Gemme. But if you want to live a normal life fine." I take a step closer to her, staring right into her mismatched eyes. "Just know you're always going to be one of us. No matter how far you run and now matter how many lies you tell, you will always be a Zodiac." I turn around, not wanting to stare at her expression.

"That drawing was really nice you know."


I wave my hand over to the bag and it begins to float towards me atop a pool of water. It floats near my hand and I open it, grabbing out a sketchbook.

"I saw you drawing it Gemme. It's beautiful." I let the bag drop and hold the ntoe book in front of her. "But if you're going to live you're normal life, you're going to need to get rid of us." I stare at the notebook and the pool of water swallows it, dampening the pages.

"What are you doing!" she cries, ripping the notebook from my hands. I turn away just as my eyes begin to water.

"Goodbye Gemme." I hold a single dry piece of paper in my hands and I open the door, standing chest to chest with a tough looking boy.

The boy flicks a cigarette butt at me and smirks. “You upset her? He asks.

I stare at him defiantly. “You could say that.”

The End

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