Virgo: Mind Your Emotions.....

I am just walking down the street, minding my own business. When School got out, I went straight for home. I had to walk five blocks, and I figured I could make it. Boy, was I wrong. In the first street alone, I got three cat calls, two whistles, five wicked grins, and at least ten fantasy pushed into my mind. This place is worse than New York. There, people are used to seeing thin women walking by. In the south, it is different. Everybody trying to make their move.

I am focusing on the sidewalk, trying not to give any of them a reason to stop me. About half way home, I sense someone behind me. I guess it would seem paranoid, except that this happens all the time, and I can hear their thoughts. I turn around, and see three girls. They go to my school. Two of them seem to belong to The Clique. The other one, just seems scared. And lost.

The two seem to be deciding who I am. They think it is me, and they somehow know my name. They seem to almost have Shields in the way, so I focus on the scared girl. I push at her emotions, making them more expressive. She looks up at the others, and asks them to stop.

They act all worried and ask her what is wrong. She says she is scared. They get offended and start asking if they are scary. Well, they are kinda freaky. She just closes her eyes, and I make her feel violently angry at them.

While she is throwing her hissy fit, I step into the shadows. I probe her mind, and sense her name is Peaches. Peaches is screaming at the others, and she doesn't even know why she is angry. Then some creep comes up, and I loose my focus.

She calms down almost instantly, and they look at each other. Then they remember me, and look in my direction. I step from the shadows and begin to run. It is a good thing I have these powers. I have only had them a year or two, and they have proven very useful. Ever since I almost died In that fire, my life has changed a lot.

The End

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