Saggitarius: Meet up

"Uh, Gemme and Luca are Idiots" I mutter placing my head in my hands.

"Hey, my sister ain't an idiot she has a reason not wanting to fight" Ike say strongly.

"Anyway, we're just waiting for Aaron and Cassie to come back with that guy Andrian........ If he's scorpio he's gonna be dangerous" I mutter the last part almost to myself.

"He seemed like he just wanted to be left at peace" Ike says.

"Fat chance of that" I say pushing a hand up through my hair. I turn to see Vashti and Peaches talking.

It was easy to convice them since they were aware of there powers....... They both had complications though. Vashti hated crowds, well I would to if I was Virgo.... I mean one of her gifts is giving off a mesmerising effect. Also she thought her powers came from this incident that had happened to her.

Then Peaches was only slightly aware she was Pisces she had an experience where she had breathed under water for about five minutes...... but that was it, she didn't much else about her powers but she's deffinetly Pisces.

I sigh. "Luca and Gemme will come round eventually as for Adrian lets hope he's got more sence" I mutter looking round at everyone.

The End

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