Cancer: self defence

I stand and listen a little while longer after Rayn disappears and figure there's only the one in my bedroom. I hold my knife ready, my telekinesis crackling in my mind; I'm prepared. I walk forward carefully, stepping over Si, making sure I don't get a needle stab into my converse shoes as I move.

So there I am, just walking over to my room and a guy in a badly fitting suit comes barrelling towards me and all hell breaks loose. Wonderful. It's things like this that give me some kind of sick kick. I grin and welcome the guy running at me. I avoid his knuckle duster punch and rip the metal off his hand with the telekinesis, battering him over the head with it. he cries out and tries too shield himself from it, but I'm relentless and finally, I punch him in the temple with it, letting it fall to the floor. He falls with it.

The one with the gun comes out during this, but I throw him against the wall. He's only just getting up when I finish with his mate. He aims his gun at me and tries to shoot, but I hold the bullet back in the barrel. It explodes in the gun, making a big old mess of the metal and the guy holding it. He doesn't die, though. I take advantage of his pained cries as he drops the remainder of the gun and drive my knife into him, slamming his head back against the wall. It's a big bloody mess, by the time I'm done with those two, but I'm okay. I won't be coming back here. I go to my room, pick up the few things I have in there - money, drugs to sell on, clothes, whatever, stuff, and shove it all in my bag, cursing its weight as I open the window.

We're on the ground floor, so jumping out is easy. It's the goon outside that annoys me. I send my knife flying towards him, making short work of the guy before he can even lift his gun. The adrenaline in my veins is addictive and after a minute or so of running, I suddenly realise I'm looking around for more gunners to pick a fight with, not because I'm worried about my safety.

I hear someone calling my name. I don't stop running, but I do glance over my shoulder. I see a couple of kids from school. Leo and Thorn. I slow down and let them catch up.

"You need to come back with us to the others."  Thorn says. I tell him where he can shove that, and he glowers at me.

"I'm not going with you; I'm not going to get any more involved than I already am, okay? You guys can fight them off without me." I snap and speed up again, leaving them behind.

The End

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