Gemini: Pascifistic Fighting


I wrap my arms around Lilly, whispering that it would all be okay. Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would be; but I knew what she was going through. I had comforted girls before, but normally because they kept saying they were fat or ugly or something. This was different, I actually felt like I meant it too. “Lilly, it will be okay. I know it will, trust me.” I smiled softly, running my fingers instinctively through her hair. Only then did I realise I actually liked her, I didn’t care about my clothes (that’s a first) I was more interested in making sure she was safe. “Trust me.” I repeated, whispering it into her ear.

I was reluctant to let go of her, but the bell went and I had to go to lessons. I managed to ‘convince’ the principal that I was actually a student. The day went by boring as usual. I spent the whole time thinking of Lilly and when she was in my lessons I couldn’t help but look at her, taking in her golden hair that flowed behind her. When the final bell went I waited at the gates for her. I needed to know something.

But then, I heard people looking for me, so I decided to follow their call. I found the gathering of zodiacs and helped them; but my mind was still focused on Gemme and Lilly. I only woke up from my daydreams to help them and when I got my task to go retrieve Gemme. I knew this would be hard; she was stronger than me when we were together, useless when we were apart. I knew however she preferred the latter of the two.



I noticed Luca across from me, he got into a fight. I observed from a distance deciding not to get involved, I could use my powers if it heated up anyway. It didn’t and in a few minutes they became friends again, I shook my head. I never did get friendship like that. When I deemed it safe I pretended to go my way, but took a shortcut so I could follow them.

They came to the drug den and although I knew that was where they were going I still regretted following them; I kept my distance, tapping into their thoughts. Something had happened, but I could only pick up fragments of thoughts. “Si dead...trigger happy murderers...police...” I stopped tracking his thoughts and wondered what to do. I figured he would be okay. I would be of no use anyway, so I should just go home. Yeah; home.

I picked up my pace involuntarily as I left the scene, only then did I think about Aaron. My mind swirled with what was happening. I had just left Luca in a building of drug users and dealers, with those men in black there. I was falling in love with him...I think, but I also like Aaron. To be honest, I hardly knew either of them; but my heart was still beating rather fast. I decided to weigh them up, although I didn’t really think it would help.

Aaron: Kind, loving, I’m sure he is worrying about me right now. He made me laugh after so long, but I’m not sure whether he likes me for me. He seems infatuated with my eyes, well, who isn’t?

Luca: Strong, misunderstood, if not a kind of rebel. I found that he found me cute, but he didn’t like me, did he? He acts all strong and hateful, but he’s not.

I was right, that didn’t help. I roll my eyes, standing at the end of my street I scan the area for any people, when I found none I quickly sprinted to my house, closing it behind me.



Ike ran to the house, doing what Gemme had a few minutes ago he scanned the area for the men in black before hastily knocking on the door. Gemme shouted for him to wait before opening the door. “We need you Gemme.” He breathed, noticing he wasn’t as fit as he used to be, she ushered him in, closing the door behind them. “Okay, but I’m still not fighting.” She collapsed into one of the chairs and sighed.

Ike sat in the chair opposite and smelt a faint line of smoke in the air, but decided not to comment. “Please sis, I can’t fight without you.” Gemme instantly felt the anger rise in her, he knew exactly what why she didn’t fight, yet still he persisted. “Sis, with me you are the strongest out of the two. You have to come with me.” He pleaded, but Gemme narrowed her eyes. “No. Ike, I have to do nothing!” She stood abruptly and Ike stared at her, in shock by her sudden change in demeanour.

“Ike. You know why I do not fight; you know why I shan’t join you in this... this foolish errand. You will leave now, before I do something you and I will regret. Tell the zodiac’s they can fight without me.” She breathed heavily, attempting to control her powers as her breaths quickened, her hands balling into fists. “GO!” She screamed, pointing to the door, her arms rigid with rage. “Now,” Ike nodded, he remembered now where she had felt like this before; finding it best to leave he got up, “sorry, Gemme.” He mumbled as she slammed the door behind him, trying to control her breathing.

Ike sighed too, walking back to the forest; defeated. “I’m sorry guys,” He projected into everyone’s minds. “Gemme won’t join us right now. I would leave her for a while too.” He sat on the forest floor, contemplating what had just happened.

The End

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