Peaches: Pisces?

I turn the corner and walk down Allen Avenue. Everything has changed so much since half a year ago, and yet it all seems the same. Lost in this train of thought, I walk right into two people going the other way.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I-" 

"It's ok. What's your name?" says the girl.

"Um, Peaches Lake. Who are you?" I reply. I'm nervous now.

"I'm Lilly, Libra."

"Arch. Or Saggitarius. You're a zodiac, like us."

I stare at them. I walk into two people, and they tell me I'm a zodiac? This is getting weirder and weirder.

"Ok... and I'm Pisces, I guess? It's my star sign," I say, nervously.

"Probably. Come on, lets get to Rosen Road and pick up Vashti," says Arch. I follow them, trying to comprehend this. It would certainly explain the stuff that happened in Australia, like when I stayed underwater for over five minutes. Still, it's making my head go crazy.

The End

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