Saggitarius: Plan

"Right" I say forming a large white board with pens and wipers. "Which Zodiac's do we know that ain't here?"

"Gemme and that boy Luca" Aries says. I write them down.

"Okay then we have two suspects Vashti and Peaches" I say writing them down.

"Umm" Everyone turns to look at Ike. "There's also this guy called Adrian.... he's Scorpio"

"You know where he is?" I ask writing him down.

"West side of the school near the janitors office, I think he's still there cause I can feel his mind. But his power is poison in his finger tips"

"Okay, So we need to get Gemme to fight. Luca and Adrian to join and find out if Vashti and Peaches are Zodiac's"

"Umm, Arch" I turn and look at Thorn. "Ain't someone gonna wonder why 8 kids are sitting in the back yard with a giant white board?"

"Complicater" I mutter and turn the white board to a handheld one still with the info on it. "Happy?" I say slightly annoyed.

"Sorry" he mutters looking away.

"So what we gonna do?" Leo asks.

"Ike can fetch Gemme. While Aaron and Cassie can fetch this guy called Adrian... Oh, here" I say throwing a pair of gloves at Aaron. "They should stop the poison going through to kill you.

"Right Thorn and Leo can go get Luca. Leaving me and Lilly to watch Vashti and Peaches"

"Where's Luca though?" Thorn asks.

"He's at an apartment on west bridge.... and theres something bad happening" Ike says straining.

"Okay, Thorn, Leo go help him and meet us in the woods next to the school" I say. They both nod and get up. They run quickly off.


"Vashti is on Rosen Road and Peaches is on Allen Avenue" Ike says already knowing what I was going to ask.

"Now, Let's all get to work and everyone meet in the woods" I say and we all get to our feet. "Our plan is to gather the Zodiac's and maybe fight together, now let's go"

Then we all take off for our own destinations.

"We'll go find Peaches first" I tell Lilly and watch her nod looking slightly nervous.

Let's just hope theres no fighting needed.......

The End

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