Saggitarius: Hurts the most

We sit in silence. I can't tear my eyes away from Lilly.

I'm so sorry, so so sorry. I feel like crying myself remembering when my parent died..... the one thing that hurts the most.

1 year 5 months back.....

"Mom! Dad! I'm home" I dump my bag next to the door and listen around for noise. Nothings moving but I can hear light drizzle of liquid...... Something thick and heavy. I hate my powers especially the fact I can hear almost every noise for about 20 meters.

I follow the sound and walk into the living room....... then scream. The thick liquid was blood and it pours from my mom and dad heavily.

"No" I cry stepping towards them. Someone grabs me from behind. "Let me go! Was it you?"

I scramble. "No it wasn't but it's you their after" he grunts carrying me out the house through the back door.

"But my mom, my dad" I cry tears spilling down my cheeks.

"I know but you can't help them, the police are coming soon and they'll find nothing. If you stay you'll be written down as missing cause like I said its you they want Arch" he says carrying me towards a black porshe.

"How do you know my name?" I whisper as he opens the passanger door and puts me in the.

"No time to explain, My names Yanto. I'm trying to save you" he says closing the door and going round to get in the drivers seat. It's then I get a good look at him. His hair is black and ruffled, his eyes a warm brown, his shoulder ar broud and he's muscular.

"Who's after me?" I ask.

"It's not just you they're after but they found you first cause you carelessly used your powers" Yanto says pulling out on to the road.

"What's going to happen?" I whisper.

"I'm going to train you...... You're a Zodiac Arch, your Saggitarius" Yanto says pinning me with his eyes.

Now it's happening to everyone else or has already happened..... "We need to do something" I say breaking the silence and standing up. "They're not sitting around so neither will we"

I look round at them all and see fear but determination on their faces.

The End

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