Libra: Gone

Luckily nobody sounded the alarm all day, so I was hoping that was a one off creep day.  At lunch said bye to the guys and went home. For some reason I felt compelled to go there.

I turned the corner too the beginning of my street. Police cars. Ambulances. Yellow tape surrounding the house.

I knew this would happen! These stupid ‘zodiac' people nearly getting us killed and now she's gone. The only person in the world that knew me, to look after me. Now I have no one.

I walked slowly to the field and sounded the alarm. I didn't want them anywhere near my house! I sat down under a tree and curled myself up.

Two minuets later they all turned up,
"Lilly what's up?!"  exclaimed Ike



"You! Now she's gone and it's all your fault!" I shouted.

"Who's gone Lilly? Who?!"

"My Mum" I whispered.  Ike came down and sat next to me. "Oh Lilly! I'm so sorry" he whispered in a soft voice while putting his arm around me.  I leaned into him and balled my eye's out onto his shirt while the others sat down.

Fifteen minuets later I mumbled "I'm sorry I shouted at you." while wiping my eyes. "And I'm sorry I wrecked your shirt Ike" I whispered with a weak smile.

"S'ok" he smiled while moving my hair out of my eyes and wiping the tears off of my cheek.

I still wasn't over it. I would never be. But for the moment I was safe with the zodiacs, and most of all Ike.

The End

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