Leo: My lips are totally sealed.

I shoved the small circle into the pocket of my black skinny jeans and headed off to geography with Aaron.

"You okay?" I mumbled, trying to make conversation. I saw him hesitate, but he didn't answer. My hand flew up to his shoulder as a reflex, and I realised I was trying to soothe him. "What's wrong, Aaron?" He cleared his throat loudly.

"Just a bit worried about Ge- everybody." I immediately knew.

"You like Gemme, huh?" I smiled a bit. He was about to protest, but he stopped and slowly nodded. "That's cute."

"Not really," He muttered.

"Don't worry! I can keep a secret. My lips are totally sealed."

"Okay." I decided I was going to try and cheer him up.

"So, I guess it's just too bad I kicked your arse in that fight yesterday." I saw his mouth change into a tiny 'o' shape and his eyes turned playful.

"Hey! You so did not!"

"I so did!" I jumped onto his back and wrestled him to the floor. Before I knew it, he was on his feet and I was slung over his shoulder. I sighed in defeat and poked my tongue out at him. I liked Aaron; he was fun to be around - a great friend, but nothing more. He quickly put me on the floor as we rounded a corner. My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

"Principal," He briefly explained. I nodded as I skipped into a classroom and took my seat. I let out a groan at the giant map plastered across the blackboard. Aaron looked at me.

"Bugger. I totally forgot I'm crap at this stuff!!"

He snickered at me as the teacher walked in.

The End

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