Saggitarius: Never forget

"Yesterday was gross" Aries says shivering.

I look round at her and the others. Ike, Leo, Lilly, Aries, Thorn, Aaron and Cassie who turns out to be Capricorn....... She seems better adapting than Lilly.

We couldn't find Vashti and Peaches so I just assume there okay.

"More tiering for me" I say rolling my shoulders.

"Don't you feel bad at all?" Aries almost cries.

"No, cause they killed a person I liked" I whisper looking at the floor.

Everyone goes silent and I take in a deep breath shaking my head.

"We shouldn't be think about this, we should be worrying what will be happening next" I say strongly.

"Why can't we just fight them again?" Ike asks. I have already begun to shake my head before the last word is spoken.

"They have to many people, we'll get tired sooner or later...... Problem is we have four Zodiac's not fighting, Gemme and Luca refuse to and I don't think Peaches and Vashti know who they are yet"

"There not many things we can do though is there" Aaron says.

"We have skill but we can't use them for ever" Thorn says.

"And we have to go through another day of school with this worry" Cassie says. I hmm in acknoledgement.

"We are sort of putting the school in danger and that boy Luca....... he thinks they don't know about him...... they know about all Zodiac's" I mutter.

I then see the school up ahead. "You and me have music first" Thorn notes.

"Same here" Ike says.

"I have geography" Aaron says.

"Same geo" Leo says.

"Me and Cassie have maths" calls Lilly.

"So, we're all split up till P.E this afternoon" I mutter. "Wait"

I form a case in my hands and turn to open it on a wall. I hand everyone a small circular object. "These are comunicater's any sign of trouble press the button"

I press it and everyones circular object starts beeping. "Press it again to stop" Stopping the slightly annoying sound.

"That way we know somethings wrong" I say smiling and slipping the object into my pocket, everyone else doing the same. "Right, lets get to school"

The End

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