Gemme: Safe

I didn’t exactly sleep, I couldn’t. I kept thinking that while I slept those men would sneak in and kidnap me... or something. I shake my head, going into the kitchen for a glass of water; glancing at the clock as I walk past I see it is approaching midnight. “Dang it,” I cursed. Yeah, that was my idea of cursing; I didn’t like swearing unless it was in my head and to me. I drank down the water, rinsing out the glass before replacing it in the cupboard. That was when I heard the door, I took another glance at the clock confirming the time before I eventually brought myself to answer it. “Oh. Luca,” I smiled although I was a little shocked he had returned. “What happened to you?”

"The new crazy lady at the apartment tried to claw my eyes out because I wanted to sleep, and she wanted to kill Si."

"Oh my word!" I exclaimed, ushering him out of the cold and into my house. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Si probably really regrets throwing her coke on the floor, though. Shame, I liked Si. But who knows? Maybe he'll be alive later."

"Mmm," I didn't exactly know what to say to that, I mean I hadn't exactly prepared for it. "So..." I tried desperately to change the subject. "You would like to stay here for the night?"

"Sorry," he grimaced, "I didn't really want to disturb you so late on a school night, but I didn't know where else to go... Is it okay if I stay the night?"


"Thanks," he muttered gratefully. "What was keeping you up, then?"

"I... I was scared those men would be back." I didn’t exactly want to admit it, but it was the truth and there was no point in lying.

He hugs me for a moment, and I could feel the knife still strapped to his arm. "Don't worry about it. They didn't see where you live." He explained, I tried hard to believe him.

I nodded slightly, "yeah. But, without my brother close I am as good as useless." I admitted; the most I could do without him is paralyse someone for enough time to escape, but I wasn’t a fast runner nor did I have the endurance to out-run someone.

“Where is he?”

“He’s gone with the group. They need him. He was always stronger than me, he found his powers first and he accepted and practiced them.”

"Well I can't really fill in for him, but I can at least look out for you while he's gone, I guess. In return for letting me stay the night, so to speak."

"It was going to be free anyway. But thank you." I smiled, locking the door behind him.

He shrugged. "S'ok."

"Well, it's midnight. We should both be getting some sleep."

"You can. I don't really feel like going to school tomorrow. I'll stay up."

"Okay well... your bed will be ready made, I just have to put a duvet on there for you. Good night, Luca." I smiled again, thankful I could now sleep in peace without worrying about being taken.

"Thanks. Where'd the ashtray go?" he mumbled, looking around

"Kitchen," I mumbled, walking up the stairs. "Help yourself to food and such just hands off the marshmallows." I giggled.

"I'm not hungry, but thanks."

"Good night." I repeated as I reached the landing.

“Night,” he replied as I took a duvet from the cupboard at the top of the stairs, I placed a cover on it and threw it over the spare bed, stifling a yawn as it settled. Eventually I dragged myself over to my room, getting changed into my vest top and cotton jogging bottoms I slipped into my comfortable, pink, bed. Wrapping the covers around me tightly; with Luca downstairs I did feel somewhat safer as the link to my brother began fade and strengthen equally.  I slowly let dreams take over and I frowned as pictures of the zodiacs and the men slowly shooting each other filled my mind.

The End

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