Aquarius: Doubt

This is ridiculous!

I shake my head as I force the armour on me to melt. Gemme. Where the hell are you? My vain attempts to find her are proving futile. What if she's hurt? What if they got her? I growl a bit and sit down on a bench.

"God damnit." I take a deep breath and stare at the sky again. The clouds seem to reflect my mood, turning gray and beginning to gather in bunches, a tell-tale sign of rain. What am I doing to myself. I'm go insane trying to find Gemme. I'm only worried about her...I should be worried about everyone!

A sudden screech of a car catches my attention. I leap to my feet and glare at two whtie vans that have parked near me. As soon as I see men in black armed with not only hand guns, but an assault rifle too, the water around my arms form into two long blades. They freeze and glitter from the sun's rays.

"Holy crap...shoot him!" The only thing I hear next is the bang sound of the firearms and the sickening sound of my blades cutting through flesh.


I take a few deep breaths, the bloodied ice on my arms melted into a puddle of "red water." I glare at the van and several spikes of ice jut through the. I walk away and cover my ears, just as the vans explode in a magnificent fashion.

"Am I angry?" 

I shake my head again. No, not angry. Just confused. I'm confused about Gemme, about this whole Zodiac warrior deal, about myself. I don't have a clue to where I'm supposed to go next, so I head in the direction of the school, of the field where I had drenched myself and made Gemme laugh.

Again it all comes down to Gemme doesn't it?



The End

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