Saggitarius: Finding the others

Me and Thorn run for Aries house to find Gemme and a guy next to her.

Aries seems disorientated.

"Are you lot alright?" I ask tossing the gun aside. The guy I don't know whistles when I create a sword at my hip.

"Yeah we're fine.... this is Luca" Gemme says introducing the boy. "He's Cancer"

"Cool" I say then look round at the recked house. I sigh and click my fingers and perform the little trick I did at Thorn's house.

"I can heal you mate" Luca says to Thorn.

"Umm, sure" he mutters. They take off the bandages and then Luca heals up the wounds.

"We need to find the others" I say. "Aaron was looking for you Gemme"

"Huh? Well he didn't find me" I watch her carefully it was like she had only just remembered Aaron.

The boy takes out a fag and I click my fingers turning it to dust. He turns and glares at me.

"Not an appropriate moment" I say shaking my head.

"Everyone's being attacked" Thorn explains.

"So we better get moving" I shout and they all get to there feet. "Lets go round from house to house"

"Ike first" Gemme says scared.

"Yeah we also need to check Leo and Lilly then Zodiac suspects Cassie, Peaches and Vashti. We need to find Aaron as well"

Then with that final word we take off to find the other Zodiac's.

The End

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