Gemme: Healing

"'I'd like that." I murmured, but it got lost as we began to run toward the sound of bullets. We saw Aries on the floor and Luca immediatly began to help her. I ran after the men, giggling slightly as they got hit in the head by their guns. I placed my hand infront of me; channeling my energy. I sent a mind surge toward them making them fall unconcious, when they awoke they would forget everything.

"Will she be okay?" I beant down on the other side of her, intently watching the skin patch together.

"She'll be fine." He nodded, rising to his feet. I stayed by her side and smiled, "good, I wiped their memories too so they won't remember a thing."

 "You should have made them shoot each other again. They'll only come after us." He let out a faint growl and I stood to face him.

"They won't even remember who they are, plus. That was rather gruesome before." I scowled.

"Fair enough." He nodded, finally agreeing with me; well I thought he did. "What was gruesome?"

I rolled my eyes. "Seeing them shoot each other."

He turned to me and casually replied. "Oh. Yeah, I guess."

I looked at him, wondering what to do. "Do you think she'll be safe if we leave her here?" I asked softly. I wanted her to be safe, but I wanted to be alone with Luca too... wait. What am I saying?

He looked around and lifted her up with telekinesis but it looked like he was carrying her. "We should probably take her somewhere safer than the middle of the road don't you think?" I nodded, rolling my eyes once more. "Of course, I meant in her own house."

"I don't know where she lives." He replied, to which I tapped my head once more. "I do." He motioned his head toward the street. "Lead the way then." I nodded and began walking down the street, following the steps that she had made a few moments ago.

The End

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