Aries : Men in Black

I hear a knock on my door. I walk across my flat and unlock the door, open it with the chain still on. Three men in black stand in front of me, with gruesome faces and guns in their hands. They smirk at me.

"Hello. Aries." One of them says, before smashing the whole door down. I run to my bedroom, lock the door and turn myself invisible. Of course, anything I touch becomes invisible or my clothes would be showing. Opening the window, I climb out onto the fire escape as the men break through my door. I look up to them as they climb out of the window following my route. One of them curses.

"Where's it gone?" He yells, looking furious. I silently climb down the rest of the stairs and stand in a bush against the wall. Dark clouds came along, suggesting rain, which meant my cover would be blown. Running towards the street, I move the clouds away, revealing the weak sun setting. In my pocket is my mobile, I take it out and phone Aaron, the first number on my list. My mobile sings dully to me as I wait for him to pick up.

"Hello?" A voice breaks through.

"Aaron? It's Aries. Is there anyone who seem to be trying to kill you?" I whisper, watching the men run around like chickens trying to find me. So far, the only technique they've discovered is by walking around with their hands in front of them.

"Yeah, they've found me and Arch too. Have you been contacted by Ge- anyone else?"

"No, sorry." A man holds up a hose pipe, water spraying from it. I kick away the leaves in my way, only to find that my left foot is caught by one of the branches. I kick at it, the man with the hose pipe slowly spraying the area next to me.

"One sec," I mutter into the phone. I look up at the man, my free hand trying to get rid of the branch.

"Oy!" Another man yells, "That bush is moving." The man with the hose pipe turns towards me. My hand is scratched from branches and sticks. I feel the water hit me, right in the chest. My clothes immediately soak the water in, and collects the weight. I see my hand, water bouncing off my skin, or what seems like nothing to the men in black. A man raises his gun at me, then he pulls the trigger. The bullet rips through the air and into my chest near my heart. I fall. The pain is unbearable, as if someone had turned me inside-out. It burns. My blood mixes with the water.

"She's gone, dude." I hear, "Lets go."

"Aries?" My phone shouts at me. Can't answer, sorry. "Aries!" As I lose my conscience, my mind stops concentrating, and I am no longer invisible.

The End

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