Saggitarius: Wounds

Me and Aaron split up him heading for Gemme and me for Thorn. I try and call him but he doesn't pick up his phone.

I curse when I see the white van..... even though that's the only way I found his house. I hear sound of fighting and run to the door. I open it just to see Thorn thrown across the floor.

I hold up the gun and fire three times all hitting dead in the head.

"Thorn" I shout dropping the gun and running over to him.

"Ouch" he says touching the gash on his forhead.

I create a first aid kit and he laughs slightly. "You are useful" he whispers.

I apply a bandage to his head then I notice a slash in his side.

"Lift your top" I say turning to grab a needle, string and bandage

"Little soon"

"Don't joke with me" I shout. He shrugs and lifts it up to show the large gash. I sew it up then I wrap the bandage round and make sure it is secure and clean.

I sigh and sit back.

"Sorry about the joke wrong time wasn't it" he mutters sitting up and wincing.

"Yeah.... you sure your okay need a drink?"

"Apple juice" he says. I create a glass of it and he takes it gulping it down greedily.

"My dad will be home soon" he says.

"Oh... um should I leave" I say standing up.

"You don't have to..... besides I need the help" We both turn and look at the recked furniture.

"Oh, I can fix that" I wave a hand and all the furniture vanishes to dust and then is replaced in its correct position...... I hope.

"Wow" Thorn says getting up wincing yet again.

"Are you-"

"Yes, I'm fine Arch" he interupting me a smile on his face.

"Ummm, how you doing on the homework?" then I watch him raise his eyebrow before we burst out laughing.

The End

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