Leo: Coco Pops!

I chuckled as I walked through the door of my apartment. I was remembering the fight.

I walked towards Aaron in the huge clearing, a grin stretching across my face. I wasn't paying enough attention to know who was saying it, but somebody fiercely shouted, "GO!" I knew the rules. I was not allowed to use my lion powers, just fire. But that was enough. Aaron quickly lifted his hand and water flew from it. I held my hand out, as if to stop it with just that, but flames licked from it and instantly made the water disappear - or, more technically, 'evaporate.'

"Ha!" I cackled, blasting fire at him. Flames touched his skin, but left no marks - he was charmed by water, he could never be burnt. This was good; I did not want to seriously hurt him. It was just a play fight, after all.

I felt saliva thickening around my teeth, as they were trying to change, but I clenched my jaw and they stopped. I moaned as water hit me. That was it.

I ran up to him, dripping wet, and flicked small flames all over his skin. Then, I concentrated hard on my hand, and I pushed my hand out of him. Fire exploded out of my palm, and hit him in the face. I laughed victoriously. He fell to the floor - he had felt the pain of it, only for a few short moments. He would be fine in 3..2..1..

He jumped from the floor and his eyes narrowed into slits. Then they widened, matching the grin that was quickly plastered on his face.

"You win," He mumbled, kicking the dirt with his shoe. I leaned towards him so my lips were touching his ear.

"And you lost," I whispered, a light giggle escaping my lips as I pulled away from him.

"Hey!" He moaned, and whacked me playfully on the shoulder. I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed as he went and stood by Gemme.

I returned from my daydream, only to realise I was sat on the kitchen counter with my hand stuck in a box of coco pops. I grinned and pulled my hair-still slightly damp-back into a ponytail, securing it with a black elastic and went to sit on the sofa, coco pops still with me. I picked up the remote and began flicking, absentmindedly, through the channels.

The End

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