Gemme: Feelings

"Or I could make them kill themselves." I sighed, sending another wave length to them I made them draw their guns on each other and fire. They collapsed on the floor in a big heap and I walk away from Luca and the murder, ringing the police as I walked, obviously I didn't leave my name and I hung up before they could track my phone.

Luca followed me and I sighed. He dragged his bag with him, not using his hands. Show off. "That's one way of doing it." He laughed; I shrugged it off taking a deep breath of fresh air as I exited the building. "So, why haven't you approached me before, knowing what I am an' all?" I seemed sort of bugged by the fact he knew everything about me without me even knowing he was there. Although in a few seconds I knew more about him.

"Well think a moment. Those guys walked right past me without blinking. None of you lot seem to be able to keep your powers hidden. I like being alive personally, and if keeping away from you guys is how I stay alive, then that's what I'll do." I nodded, taking this into account. Although I knew they weren't after me and I was about to prove it,” They didn't know I was here. They were scouting the building; they had seen powers being used in the school." I tapped my head knowingly. "It's a useful power."

He sniggered, "right. So they found you, but they walked right past me and didn't notice?" I suppressed a growl and sighed instead.

"Yes. Because I was with them today. They put two and two together."

"And my reasons for keeping away from you guys seem even better than normal."

"Okay. Point taken. But you're using your powers in full view now." I tried to keep calm as I pointed to the floating bag.

He grabbed the bag out of the air and grinned. "No one around to see."

"They may be watching us. So it must be best, by your reasoning, to stay away from me. Right?"

"Probably, but you're cute up close." He paused, looking at me.

"What?" I have to say, I was surprised by his comment and my heart fluttered slightly as I looked at him, but I shook my head softly at the thought.

"What, what?"

I laughed. "You think I'm cute?" I couldn't keep the shock from my voice and I cursed myself in my head. He paused, hooking a finger under my chin he studied my face, more specifically my eyes. "Yeah." He nodded, before letting go and continuing walking.

I stood in shock, I had to take in what had just happened. "Wait!" I yelled, sprinting to catch up with him again. "Where do you live?" I asked, something within me desperate to keep him talking and change the subject.

He shrugged, "why d'ya wanna know?"



"Because..." I paused, not wanting to tell him the truth, not wanting to lie. "I'm curious." I repeated, deciding not to tell him how I actually felt.

"Hmm. Well, my reputation is screwed up enough without people knowing where I live," he muttered. "But I'm sure you have a better reason than just curiosity."

"Yes I do, but you don't need to hear it."

"I want to."

"You don't need to."

"I know. But wanting and needing are different."

"Indeed. But you don't want to know I'm sure."

"I just said I wanted to know, didn’t I?"

I sighed. I hated circles. "Okay. I feel... different about you. So, it ignited my curiosity."


"Yeah. I... I've been feeling like this a lot lately. I have no idea what it is." I sighed; I hated not knowing something, usually it is really easy to find out something I don’t know.


"I told you, you didn't want to know." I mumbled, feeling like an utter idiot.

"I want to know, but your answer didn't really clear anything up. Crap. I left my drum sticks in the music rooms."

"Well, I, I think I..." I sighed, a blush appearing in my cheeks. "I know you left them behind."

Oh, yeah. Telepathic. I'm gonna go get them,"

"Okay." I muttered, trying to hide the sorrow in my voice.

"Why do you sound so depressed? I'm only going to the music block to get the sticks..."

"Heh. No reason, would you like me to wait for you?" I interrupted; realising the blush still didn’t disappear and I cursed myself again.

"Meh. If you want." He shrugged again as he walked off. I stood, watching dumbly after him. What was happening, first Aaron. Now Luca. But Aaron had gone off with that other girl, maybe it was... a false alarm?

The End

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