Cancer: Luca

I was born on the first of July; I'm a Cancer. I'm seventeen. Almost eighteen. My age hasn't stopped me doing what I want though.

 I'm called Luca, but a lot of people call me Cancer. Not just because of my Zodiac sign, but because I smoke. A lot. Bad habit, I know, but with the ability to heal... how do you expect me to resist the temptation, eh? I'm telekinetic, too. I kinda wish I was telepathic, rather than telekinetic, but hey, it's come in useful. I can be ultra lazy if I want to. I'm not, though. I work out a lot. I don't tend to go to school; I prefer to spend my time in a gym or getting tattoos, or doing whatever while all the other Zodiacs seem to go to school. It seems kinda pointless, to me.

I like tattoos. I have a huge tribal one across my back that twists down my left arm, and the kanji for "warrior" on the inside of my right wrist. Of course, my school hate it. I couldn't care less what they think. They don't like my piercings either. I tend to wear short sleeved shirts or vests, which show off the parts of the tattoos on my arms. And not having a fringe to cover my eyebrows - I spike my hair up in a mess of dark points - my eyebrow piercing is usually on display, too. They gave up yelling at me for smoking on the school premises though. I've been suspended and put in detention and had threats to be kicked out so many times that I'll probably never get a job, even at McDonald's.

The school don't approve of me almost always carrying a knife, either. I learnt to hide it better pretty quickly. I always seem to get into knife fights. I actually enjoy them, the adrenaline rush. I'm just that kinda guy. The kinda guy people think it would be a good idea to pick a fight with. And the kinda guy that wins. All that working out pays off, y'know. I'm tall, too. Tall with well defined muscles. I have no idea why people think it's a good idea to pick a fight with me. No one in school does, though. They're all pretty scared of me, to be honest.

I see the other Zodiacs around, but I don't talk to them. We don't have many of the same classes, and though people are kinda intimidated by me, I don't come across as a complete freak. Most of them do. And I kinda like my reputation how it is. I don't want it trashed by hanging out with the freaks. I'm able to hide my abilities, and I look like an average kinda person, especially if you stick me behind a drum kit in a rock band or whatever. Or in the crowd. I'm happy with either.

So when I realise that there are trigger happy retards in the school - I stayed late to practice drums in the music block - and I know they're after one of the Gemini twins, I feel kinda compelled to follow. I take my knife out of my bag, strapping its sheath to my wrist where it fastens easily with a little help from my telekinesis. It's a nine inch combat knife, one edge serrated, the other smooth. I slip on my hoodie over it, so no one will pull me over for having the knife in school, and follow them to the Gemini girl - Gemme.

I know what room she was in last, so I take a different route around the school, hoping to beat the three men there. I don't. When I get there, knife out and ready to attack them, they're barking like dogs and Gemme is looking kind of amused, while she decides what to do with them. I pause in the doorway and look at the guys. She doesn't notice me until I laugh. She looks up at me, alarmed and I grin, gesturing to the men acting like dogs.

"Nice one." I say.

"Oh... Uh... yeah...umm." She stutters, "Thanks." I'm wondering if she looks alarmed because I have a knife in my hand, or if it's because I just walked in randomly. Or if it's because of my reputation. "Neither. I'm not a people person. Heh." She mumbles awkwardly. "I'm Gemme, one half of Gemini. You are Luca Tyler, Cancer."

"Yeah, I know who you are." I say with a shrug. I roll up my sleeve and put the knife back in its sheath. "Just ‘cause I don't hang out with the rest of you lot, doesn't mean I don't know who you are."

"So what brings you here at this time?" she asks curiously. I glance at the dog men.

"Those guys passed the music block on the way up here. I noticed they had guns. I decided to do something about it. But you got there first." I tell her, pulling my sleeve back down, dropping my bag to the floor. No point carrying it if I'm not gonna use it, eh?

"They woke me up." She complains, "I have no idea what to do with them now though." I roll my eyes and open the window without crossing to it.

"There's an exit right there. You're more than welcome to chuck them out, if you like. You deserve it, they were trying to kill you, after all."

The End

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