Gemme: The Power of Gemini

I stretch my arms, realising I have fallen asleep and everyone has left I sit up with a jolt. I rub my back as it ached from the awkward position and noticed a man, two men, three men stood with guns pointing at me. I open my eyes wide and they demand to know my zodiac. I raise an eyebrow questioningly but he repeats the question not believing my foolishness.

This bought me enough time to get into his head, change his thoughts. "Alright men. Fire." He shouted, I breathed heavily and tapped into his mind again, accessing all three brains at once is tough. I close my eyes and concentrate hard, I can feel Ike's power surging through mine but it is weak, he must be at home. I connect to their minds creating a large mind surge through them; making them cringe in pain. "Now. Bark like dogs." She laughed as they did what she said. "Good, now. Sit." They sat at her command and she clicked her fingers once.

A burst of energy came from her, sending mind waves surging through them and they became permenantly changed; running around and barking like dogs. I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to my notebook, gently running my fingers over the sketch. "Aquarius... Aaron." I mumbled his name as if he would magically appear. I stood, gathering up my belongings. "Now what am I going to do with you men?"

The End

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