Aquarius: A Bloody fool in Armour

"I don't know but what I do know is it's not only us that's probably being attacked"

One thought races to my mind. Gemme.

"Are you saying there's a possibility that Ge-I mean the other's could be in trouble?"

Arch nods her head. I shake my head and curse under my breath. Suddenly a small projectile moving at an alarming speed bursts through the door, sending little bits of wood everywhere. The bullet lands just in front of us, causing me to jump back a bit. Arch holds out her hand and a gun suddenly materializes out of nowhere.

There's a possibility Gemme's hurt...maybe even dead.

"No!" I say to myself. Arch gives me the quiet signal but I pay no attention to it. I begin to think of all the horrible things that these men could or would do to my fellow Zodiac's, to Leo, to Thorn, to Gemme. I yell in rage and the walls behind us burst open, revealing a large line of pipes. I hold my hands towards the door and make a fist. The pipes burst open, sending three powerful bursts of water out the door. The three men are hit with it, knocking them on their feet.

"Come on!" I yell to Arch. She nods and we begin to run, ignoring the fallen men. As fast as we run, their bullets are faster, several of them almost hitting us. Arch doesn't turn around but fires her gun several times. I hear the bullets collide with flesh and two moans.

"One left." I say to her. I turn around quickly and open my hands again, this time a rumbling sound under the remaining before he is blown upwards by a torrent of water from underground. Some of this water spirals around me, circling as if it were a snake climbing a tree.

"Nice." Arch says. I nod at her compliment and catch up with her, the water still spiraling around me. It suddenly envelops my body, changing from what appears to be a boy running beside a small stream of water to a boy covered by ice, forged as a suit of armour. My left arm forms into a small shield and my right hand is holding a large ice sword. The only way those guys were going to get to any of them was over my dead body!

Gemme, please don't be dead!

The End

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