Capricorn: Running

I run as far as I can; which as it turns out, isn't that far. I turn the corner and lean against the brick wall panting for breath. What the hell is happening?!?! I think frantically. A car pulls up in front of me; full of big men in black. I let out a squeal. This didn't help as the window was open. I press myself further against the wall,the bricks engraving on my skin, it makes my eyes leak.

The guys in the car just look at me, and one says, "You alright luv?" Relief over comes me like a cold shower in a heat wave. All I can manage is a small nod of my head. They smile small smiles, and roll up their windows. In the windows I see the real bad guys.

I freeze again, starring at the window. I shake my head and creep next to the car squatting. The people inside seem freaked out and start to move the car slowly. I walk along side it; as soon as the coast is clear, I run. I climb up onto the top of a street sign next to a block of flats. I get right to the top, balance coming easily. Thank god.

The End

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