Saggitarius: Flat

Me and Aaron exit the estate keys in hand. "That was easy" I say slipping the key in my pocket.

"Yeah, well you can create anything" Aaron says walking at my side as we make are way down the street. We pass a white van and when we're about three meters pass it the doors open.

"Don't look back" I hiss.

"Why?" Aaron whispers back.

"Three men are following us, when we turn this corner run" I whisper back. We round the corner and take off and I hear the men swear behind us.

"Left" I shout and Aaron turns me following. People look at us strangely as we run down the pavements three bulky men in black with guns following.

It goes like that intil we reach the block off flats. We take the stairs and hear grunts of annoyance behind.

"Top floor" I shout and Aaron picks up the pace. I pull out my key when we reach the floor. I slip it into the lock and push Aaron through slamming the door behind me and creating a code lock on to the door.

Me and Aaron stare at the door gasping for breath.

"Who were they?" Aaron gasps.

"I don't know but what I do know is it's not only us that's probably being attacked" I turn to look at him and see the color drain from his face.

The End

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