Capricorn: One perfect day... NOT!

Is it just me, or is weird how on one's birthday it never really feels like their birthday? I mean, it's Feburary and it obviously my birthday but it doesn't feel like much of a change. If I'm being honest, I feel more different on New Year's day. Oh well...

"Cassie, please tell me you're not in 'Cassie Land, invites only.'" One of my friends hisses in my ear. For some unknown reason all my friends, peers and everyone outside of my family calls me Cassie instead of Callie. Ahh well, not much difference. It's similar. I reason with myself.

"Cassie... Cassie... CASSIE!" Marie screams in my ear making me jump off my seat and landing on the floor. Yeah, my balance seems to act up when I'm not concentrating. All of my 'friends' laugh at me, tears springing in their eyes.

"Thanks," I mutter frowning.

"Ahh cheer up, look we have cake!" Marie pulls a Quality Street tin from under the lunch table. Her fingers skid over the lid, she growls at the tin handing it over to Simon. Simon looks at her as if she had turned into an actual dog; he pulls the lid off with a strange ease, as if he's been practising.

A familiar aroma of coffee flows out of the container. My eyes go wide with greed as I reach over and snatch the tin away. I just sit there rocking slightly, sniffing my favourite flavour of cake.

"Have I told you how much I love you both?" I ask, grinning.

"Yeah well, pass us the tin so I can cut it up." Marie leans over to take it. I feel a pout forming. "Oh grow up!" She says, I can pratically feel the irony in her words.

After school

"Muuumm, I'm home!" I yell, walking through the front door. Today was harsh, that's for sure, a stupid year seven run up behind Marie grabbed the tin and tipped it on my head shouting, "Happy birthday, goat face." To matter worse I had double maths... YAWN!

I walk through, locking the door behind me, into the living room. "Mum? Where are you?" I check the kitchen; empty. I run upstairs glancing into every room - including Rob's.

Nothing, nadda, zilch!

I hear the front door close, and come down from the loft ladder; I jump up and lean over the edge of the bannister. I look down only to see some complete strangers walk into the house. My heart is in my mouth in an instant.

"Do you think she's here?" One says, I see him in the mirror glancing in the living room, he holds a black pistol in his right hand, and gun holsters all around his body. I don't hear the reply, only my pulse in my ears. I tumble backwards, into the metal ladder. I know it should have made a sound but I don't hear it. I clamber up the ladders, pulling them up behind me. I slam the entrance shut and drag a chest of draws on top.

My breathing turns calm as the adrellaline kicks in. I run to the window, leaping up onto the ledge. I slide down, thankfull for my balance. I see a white van in the driveway, strange men dressed in black around it; I can't see anyone from the cul-de-sac who lives here. Panic overrides me as I collapse on the roof.

With tears in my eyes I jump down landing perfectly. I glance around and run as quickly and as quietly as I can out of the street.

The End

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