Saggitarius: End of School

Aaron walks broodily while Leo smiles happily and smugly.

She had won the fight and it had been hilarious. He had been asking for it though and I'd bet he'd be moaning about those bruises later.

I skip happily with the group my veins burning with adrenaline.

"Arn't you slightly tired?" Thorn asks.

"I will be in five hours..... but I'll calm down in an hour or so" Everyone laughs and I can't help but laugh to.

"I don't know where to stay?" I say suddenly.

"Me neither" Aaron says. "I came here on a spur of the moment desision"

"Me too... Want to share a flat?" I ask.

"That..... is a good idea but..."

"I know you're a boy" I walk up and whisper in his ear. "You already like someone and so do I"

His face goes bright read and I move back closer to Thorn smiling.

"Don't you say a word" he calls.

"Secret safe and locked" I call back to him.

"What secret?" Thorn asks but I do a zip motion across my lips and create an actual key throwing it away.

Then people laugh and I smile at them all.

"This is my turn off" Leo calls.

"Me too" Lilly says and they walk of chatting.

"Which way is town?" I ask everyone.

"Straight down the road" Aries says.

"Okay we'll have to head down there Aaron" I say looking back at the boy following silently and angrily.

"My turn off" Taurus says. I turn to him.

"See ya then" I say hugging him.

"See ya" he says walking back slowly not releasing my hand till the last second.

"Mine's off that way" Aries says walking off.

"See you tommorow" I call and I'm left with Aaron.

The End

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