Aries : Hi

"I'm tired," I announce, before slumping onto the floor but not talking to anyone in particular. The sky is covered in clouds and no sun can be seen. I yawn loudly and look around the Sports hall. It is P.E. Our teacher finishes marking the register. I see Gemme and Ike on the other side of the hall with some new unrecognised faces. I walk over to them.

"Are you Aries?" Someone asks me.

"Yeah, that's my name."

"Are you Aries, the star sign?"

"Yeah, that too. You're all zodiacs right?"

They nod at me.

"Wow!" I yell, "That's alot of zodiacs. Hi, I can control the weather and turn invisible." I turn invisible, hearing gasps around me. Then I sweep the sky blue and make a few lazy clouds float.

"I'm Arch-Saggitarius. I can create objects and control the air currents. I have good sight and hearing." A basketball appears out of nowhere, then turns into dust immediately.

A boy says to me. "I'm Aaron, Aquarius. I control water."

"I'm Leo, I can grows claws and teeth of a lion and control fire. We're having a fight after school. Want to be the judge?" I grin and nod at them.

"I'm Thorn, a Taurus. I'm a six pack," we all laugh. "Really fast, and I don't need to dress up at halloween." He picks up Arch, who is standing next to him and lift her into the air over his head. I see Arch blush bright red. 

"And here's our newest addition." Arch says to me. "This is Lilly, Libra."

"Awesome!" I tell them.

"Put me down, Thorn!" Arch shouts.

The End

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