Ike: Answers

"Hey, you can't fool me. I can read minds." I joked, just slightly cautious about the look in his eyes. "You can't kill one zodiac without killing them all and even you could not do that." I shrugged, the knowledge flowing from the end of my tongue effortlessly. "Plus, I am part of the twins. Making it harder to kill me than usual."

I stared at him, the dark look and silent stare unnerved me slightly. "My sister would love you. So quiet." I wondered if I should quit with the idle talk and try to make him trust me. "I'm not a foe, I'm a friend and I can help you. I have answers." I mumbled, wondering where my sister was. She must be close, I can still feel our power coursing through me;  Adrian's thoughts running through my head just as easily.

He was thinking about whether to kill me or not, hopefully I had answered that. Also he... his powers had killed someone this morning. The postman, I could use this to my advantage, I saw him move uneasily as I gazed at him focusing on his thoughts. "About that postman, I have a power. Me and my sister, we can help you. We can erase the thought of the policemen, clear everything up. After all. It was only an accident; I am not with the police either." I added, trying to clear everything up.

The End

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