Scorpio: Choices

The voice sends a jolt of electricity down my spine, it scares me.

"Don't answer it!" the boy says.

"Why should I listen to you?" I shout, for once in defiance.

"He could be with the police..." The child sets me thinking, "...they found the body, they searched for your DNA but were unsuccessful, so you know what they did?" I turned to look at his malevolent face, I admit, I am piqued, "They simply followed his route, untill the last house." My face lights up in shock, "yours," he laughs the most disgusting sound I ever heard.

My hand was now on the door knob, I should open it, friend or foe I could easily wipe them out should the need arise.

I prepare my smile, the mask, calculated and rather cold. I open the door.

"Hey, I'm Ike," he smiles, but it falters when he sees my look, as if he knows it's a trap. All the while he holds out his hands, begging for me to kill him.

"I'm Adrian Deathstalker," I say, the choice nagging in my mind.

The End

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