Saggitarius: P.E.... with Zodiac's

I feel slightly nervous when I find out the next lesson is P.E and that all the Zodiac's have this class for their last lesson.

So we have, Aaron, Thorn, Gemme & Ike, Leo. Then there are five I suspect to be Zodiac's Vashti, three new girls called Cassie, Aries & Peaches, then that girl Lilly..... I'm quite certain she's a Zodiac and I'm almost certain Aries is as well.

Almost certain when Aaron apporaches our group Lilly following.

"She's a Zodiac" he says going to stand next to Gemme. Ahhh, sweet couple. Thinking about it three of us seem almost couples Gemme & Aaron seem to like each other, Ike I think likes Leo and I know I like Thorn... I'm just unsure of his feelings.

"What is he on about?" she says desperate.

"Do you have gifts?" Leo asks.

"How... how do you know about that?" Lilly stutters

"We all haved gifts" I say.

"You mean like when you turned the flute to a guitar" she asks. I laugh.

"Yeah, I create things, control air currents and have the top hearing and sight. Saggitarius the Archer"

"Taurus the Bull" Thorn says.

"Leo the Lion" Leo says.

"Aquarius the Water Bearer" Aaron says.

"Gemini the Twins" Ike and Gemme say in unison.

"And... and you're saying I'm one" Lilly stutters.

"I think your Libra the Scales.... Now if you don't mind we need to get to P.E or we're all gonna be late" I pause for a secound then laugh everyone looking at me. "P.E with Zodiac's"

Then they all smile excpet for Lilly who's deep in thought.

The End

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