Ike: Whimpers

I knocked on the door to the janitor's closet. "Hey, you shouldn't talk to yourself. My sister has the same problem." I laughed, sensing the sorrow that was within the small space; I wanted to lighten the mood. "Dude, you gonna come out? Or if you like I could stay here talking to you through the door." I felt a name being pushed toward me but I ignored it, simply choosing to talk to him through his zodiac. "Scorpio huh? I'm Gemini. Ike, actually." I shrugged casually. "Well, what's up?"

I had said that so much, to girls, to boys... I was sixteen when I was sent to war. I shouldn't have been there. I wanted to see what it was like so I lied my way into the front lines. Horrid images, death and sorrow. The only reason I didn't die is because my mind was strong enough on its own to change my enemies mind. I vowed never to kill again, as much as I could help it.

Although, I picked up a bit of physical combat and gun training there. But I found my sister more important, especially if those men decided to come after us again. I pondered this, the men were interested in keeping us apart. But I couldn't leave her here, maybe is was better if I went. But if they came back, to kill her, she would need me. I rolled my eyes as I knocked again, waiting as patiently as I could for an answer. "What's wrong?" I repeated.

The End

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