Capricorn: Goat child!

"Wild thing... you make my heart sing...wild thing...."

"YOU MAKE MY HEART SING!" I sing along to my alarm, I turn it off giggling like a baby.

"Callie, will you shut up? Some of us are trying to wake up PEACEFULLY!" My brother yells through the thin walls. What a boob.

I get changed as quickly as possible, and tumble out of my room, tripping on a disguarded t-shirt. "Whoops!" I fall onto the bannister. In a moment of maddness I climb on top and walk down it. I always have been good at balancing.

"Oh, look who's up at the crack of dawn. It's Callie the goat child!" My brother says in an announcers voice.

"Oh shutit Rob, only 'cause you wish you could do this too!" For effect I do a blackflip, balancing perfectly on the bannister. Then I hop down onto the stairs before Rob can try to insult me.

I lounge in the living room flicking through the channels. Before I know it, it's twenty past eight and I'm running late. "Oh, bugg-"

I leap up, respond to frantic texts from my friends asking where I am, I grab my bag fling it over my sholder and sprint out of the house.

"Hi guys!" I yell, loosing my voice in the brisk wintery air. I stumble on a stone, and end up doing a cartwheel.

"CASSIE! Happy birthday!" They all yell at the same time.

We laugh and run to school. 

The End

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