Gemme: Notebook

I finished the rough sketch, then took out a blue pencil, drawing in the water around him; bending at his will. I heard the bell go but shrugged it off. "Hey, you have Philosophy." Ike's gleeful voice hit my ears and I slammed my book closed. "Umm, I don't feel to well, go home and I'll see you tomorrow. We'll work on fitting you in then." He nodded, tilting his head he stared at my book but said nothing, simply leaving the school.

I opened my book again, changing the colours I slowly coloured in my sketch with the greatest care before out-lining it in fine pen. I looked at my master-piece, amazed out how detailed it had become. I closed my book and sighed. What is this feeling, it was so annoying! It made my heart flutter and stop, it seems to have calmed down now but I still feel funny.

I leant back, laying across the wall, looking up at the sky. The clouds seemed to shape themselves into all sorts of animals and shapes. I gazed at them intently, thinking. The butterflies in my stomach fluttered around as I heard footsteps, half expecting them to be his I closed my eyes, "This is stupid, I have only just met him. Stupid." I reminded myself.

The End

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