Libra: Confused...

I burst into the classroom. "Sorry I'm late!" I panted.

"That's OK...Lilly is it?"

"Yes sir" Then take a seat. I nodded. Science the only subject I'm remotely good at and interested in.

Half way through the lesson I get this surge of emotion. Jealousy, admiration, flirtatious, happy. I spun around only to get more weird looks.

"Are you OK Lilly?" said a concerned science teacher.  I turned slowly back around.

"Umm, I think so sir. Actually I'm not feeling too good. Is it alright if I go and get some air?" He nodded so I grabbed my bag and headed to the nearest bench. Someone was already sitting on it, but I was too confused to even care. I sat down closed my eyes and put my head in my hands. More visions....

A girl sitting down in field. With one green eye and one brown eye.

I think someone's in love! I chuckled to myself.  But the strange thing is I could feel that love. Like it was surging to of the person next to me. I opened up my eyes again and looked around at the guy sitting next to me.  He was just staring. I got up too leave.

"Hey... you're a Libra right?"

"Well I was born in September." I smiled.

"No.. I mean ARE you Libra?"

"What on god's earth are you going on about?"

He stood up, "Come on I think we need to have a meeting with the others."


"Just follow me OK?"..........

The End

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