Saggitarius: Time out

"Hi" I say changing the moment from awkward to calm.

"My name's Lilly" the girl mutters shyly.






She smiles. "I thourght I saw another" she says looking nervous

"My sister just left" Ike says interupting her.

"Ahh, well. Umm.." She begins to mumble.

"You want to sit" I ask and change the flute to a guitar. Lilly gasps the most and I just smile.

"How many insturments do you know?" Thorn asks.

"Flute, Violin, Guitar and Piano" I say. "I also know a few languages Spanish, French, Italien and German" I see their shocked faces. "I traveled a lot"

Then I begin to play but I hear the bell go. Obviously they didn't hear it cause they look cofused as I drop the guitar allowing it to return to dust.

"Bells gone" I tell them.

Everyone gets up and I pick up my bag. I then hear a twige snap and turn to see Lilly leaving. I shrug and begins towards the school.

My bag is slightly heavy and I really don't want to do any work at the moment.

School really does suck.

The End

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