Gemme: Uncomfortable

"I know, it's sad. I'm a Gemini, called Gemme." I rolled my eyes again before I felt a strange feeling in my stomach as it knotted slightly while I looked up at him, swiftly I diverted my eyes to the field. "Look at you, you all have such amazing powers while I am useless unless I am with my brother."

I gathered up my bag and swung it over my shoulder. "I'm going for a walk. We have philosophy after lunch." I smiled,  walking back over to the main school buildings, away from the rest of the zodiacs. I paused, my heart beat fluttering as I met Aaron's eyes again. I shook my head, "I need some air, I never did well in crowds." I used the excuse all the time, but it is true. I hate crowds. I hate meeting new people, it always ends up badly. Ike looked at me questioningly but I shook my head firmly before walking away from them.

I soon found my heart had calmed down as I swiftly moved to just outside the Philosophy block I opened my notebook again, sketching Aaron from memory. The thought of his eyes, his power. Every detail. I don't believe I have already commited him to memory. No. Wake up Gemme, honestly, snap out of it. These things never end well.

The End

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