Libra: Scales

So where were all the new kids that secretary was going on about? Ah well! I walked into the house and dropped my bag on the floor.

"Mum! I'm home!"

"Hi hunny!" she came up and hugged me. "How was your day?"

"It was good."

"Really!?" I hated the way she always molly coddled me.

"Yep. What did you do today?"

"Went round the neighbours and introduced ourselves."  I gave her a sceptical look.

"What! That's what they do in the movies!" we both started to laugh in the hall way.

"I'm hungry!, What you cooking?" I smelled the air and smiled "ahhh!"

"Blueberry Muffins!" we both exclaimed at the same time.

"My favourite!" smiling I walked into the kitchen. "How long till there ready?"

"10 minuets."

"Are you serious, that long?!" I whined.

"Indeed." with a smirk I skipped up the stairs to my bedroom.

When I finally got there, American houses are so big!, I walked up to my scales. For some reason I was drawn to them, with its golden bowls and beautiful shine. I've never dared put anything on it, but sometimes it moves by itself, like when me and mum are having an argument it would shift to one side. It's like it can feel the energy in the house. Strange. Or it just be me leaving the window open and the wind had shifted it, however I like to think it has magic behind it.

The End

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