Aquarius: Gemme

I bowed in an extravagant manner to the Gemini girl's compliment. "T'was no trouble my fair eyed lady." I flashed her a wide grin and she giggled again, the marshmallow dropping out of her mouth. I made a quick motion with my hands and snatched up the marshmallow with a small puddle of water. I brought it to my hand and realized it had turned soggy.

"You can have that Aaron." She said with a smile.

I made an overly exaggerated look of shock and then smiled. "Your generosity is most kind." I stared at the marshmallow and suddenly it began to puff again, the water seeping out. Everyone looked in awe as the water that had drenched me was now collecting into one large puddle beside me. In a few moments my clothes, hair and the marshmallow had dried.

"Wow..." She said.

I smiled and made my way beside her. I seated myself beside her-closer than before- and stared at her. "So I've acted like a clown, drenched myself and told you my name. I think I deserve to know your name."

She gave me a serious look. "Actually I overheard Leo saying your name so that's two out of three reasons I should tell you my name."

I gave her an equally serious look. "And what if my good lady, i ask your brother over there for your name?"

"I never said you couldn't." Our faces broke into smiles again, no longer able to keep up our "seriousness."

"Maybe I was always planning to ask your brother. But the only thing stopping me was your beautiful eyes." My face turned into a confused one as she backed away from me a bit, her face a bit red again. "Oh no, what I do?"

She looked down at the bench. "You don't think they make me look like...a freak?"

I scootched closer to her and put my arm around her. "Hell no! Honestly I think it's pretty cool." She looked up at me and I gave her a reassuring grin. "Honestly they look beautiful."

She began to blush and playfully hit my shoulder. "Gemme. My name's Gemme."


The End

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